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Florence Guest Farm

There was always a need for a chapel at Florence. Cold and rain called for a venue under a new roof.

In the first year of the venue (2012) a very dear friend of mine told me about this gem. The old windows of a church that she knew of, were for sale. At that point in time money was still not easy, but I decided that this is a once off and I needed to get hold of them.


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We created a charming church outside in our children’s Enchanted Forest. Our log seating easily accommodates up to 300 guests.

  • To define the area, old Barn doors were placed at the entrance, and an old diesel tank is used as a table to serve some drinks.

  • We provide a sound system in the forest.

  • A hessian runner/carpet.

  • Table and two chairs for the signatures.

  • Log as pulpit.

  • The bride should do all other décor. Only organic confetti should be used.

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